Coffee bean storage

New Product – Vacuum Containers

Mike Tan

 Coffee bean storage is an integral part in retaining the freshness and flavour of your brew.  Once roasted, coffee beans go through a series of events slowly losing some of their components.  The correct storage method can help to preserve and slow down these effects.

The general industry standard rules for storing your beans are:

  • Store in room temperature.
  • Away from direct light or heat.
  • Air-tight and if in a sealed bag using a one-way valve. This allows the carbon dioxide to escape from the beans without oxygen and other contaminants entering.
  • Least amount of exposure to oxygen by limiting the amount of time you open the bag/container.
  • Avoid moisture.
  • Away from the fridge or freezer*

* Although we don’t recommend this controversial opinion here, storing your coffee can be done in a fridge or freezer utilizing different methods such as vacuum packing and at the right age.


Clear canisters can allow light to enter and compromise the freshness of the beans.  The tinted black design helps to deflect light.


How should the containers be used?

Buying coffee beans in small quantities is the best practice for retaining flavour and freshness however this is not always the most practical or cost-effective solution.  A vacuum container is an excellent method to redistribute a large bag of beans as it allows you to separate the beans and retain them in an environment that is not constantly exposed to oxygen (when you open the bag of beans everytime making a coffee).

Another good use of a container is if you receive your beans in a bag that is not sealed such as a tin-tie or bag that does not reseal.

 It is important to note that if you have a bag of coffee that is already in a sealed bag such as a bag with a one-way valve and if the bag is not open then you can retain your beans in this bag until it is ready to be opened. 


Over the years we have stocked and tested many different vacuum style containers.  We’ve chosen this method of storage due to its simplicity, low price and functionality.  Air-tight containers are great and this construction takes bean storage to the next level with its vacuum design pushing out any air that gets trapped inside the container.  The amount of air that gets pushed out is dependent on how full the container is with its adjustable height. 

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