We’re dedicated to supplying cafes with a tailored coffee package.  As a specialised boutique coffee roaster in Auckland, we have one of the widest coffee selections in the market. Our mission is to help cafes find the right taste for their customers.

Commercial coffee supplier

We’re not like the big coffee roasters. We understand that every café is different with a specified target audience and a different unique structure of business.  We are a coffee company with a small, dedicated, personal team that are always available because you’ll always be special to us.

Tailored to your Cafe Coffee Blend 

As coffee experts, our approach is to sit down and create a unique coffee blend and style of roast specific to your café.  This generally depends on geographic and demographic factors, together with your proposed target business model.  With your help, we tailor a coffee blend (and equipment package) specific to your café.  Being a boutique coffee roaster gives us the ability to offer this specific tailored service and our roasting equipment allows us to ‘precision roast’ small batches for each café on demand.

We understand that with the increasing competition of cafes in NZ, it is becoming increasingly important to have strong points of difference in your cafe.  This will be an exclusive coffee offering that is uniquely yours, which means you can also package and re-sell the beans.  If someone wants to find that delicious coffee blend they can only find it at your place!


Our tailored approach extends to marketing touch points in your café including visual signage by way of the form of attractive footpath signage, building hangers, window frosting and visual touch points within your café.  As coffee roasters, our objective is to find the right taste for your customers we focus on assisting you to inform your customers on the coffee served and options to please.  This can be in the form of tailored espresso recipes, filter coffee offerings, cold brew and tasting sessions.

Cafe Equipment

We have access to a range of new and refurbished used Italian espresso machines.  Our equipment is available to purchase or loan depending on your requirements.  We frequently have refurbished or used machines available which can be viewed here.  Coffee machines are an admirable focal point therefore we customise the style and colour combination to suit your café environment.

Commercial coffee machines

We offer support and advice for choosing the right espresso machine for your cafe.  If you are a new cafe owner, click here for our starting guide.


The right equipment and great beans still require a good operator.  Our training includes coffee appreciation, barista training and equipment handling.  This is an ongoing commitment from both parties working together to ensure every cup served in your café is the perfect cup of coffee.

We like to partner with cafes that take pride in their coffee the same way we do. So we’re selective, but we’re also nurturing as we will help you get the best from your coffee selection.

  • Wide range of coffee blends including a ‘create your own option’.
  • Roast options for generic, white, black and filter coffee.
  • Coffee equipment lease options – Customised espresso machines, grinders and some pretty unique filter devices.
  • Coffee appreciation and barista training.
  • Branded machinery, café furniture and other marketing support to help you promote your café to its potential.
  • Special batch roasting.
  • Hand delivery - Auckland.

If the Meebz family sounds like something you would like to be part of, get in touch and we can show you how we can customise a package for your café.


Commercial coffee supplier


    Send us an e-mail or drop in for a chat to discuss a tailored package to find the right coffee taste for you.