Meebz Coffee Roasters is a boutique coffee roasting company based in Auckland with one site over the North Shore and another in Auckland City.

We're a small team who are passionate, experienced and enthusiastic about the NZ hospitality industry.  We love coffee and our passion is to ensure our customers find their favourite taste whether you are enjoying one from our own espresso bar, or from one of our hand selected café partners.

Our experience extends to owning and operating cafes, travelling overseas at the farm's origin, competing in a variety of coffee competition's and assisting with the start-up and takeover of many hospitality operations.

At any one-time we will have over 20 different coffee offerings including specialty, organic and rain forest-alliance coffee. Our sources extend worldwide and our coffee is often sourced from smaller farms such as cooperatives, small estates and microlots. So we not only have a wide selection of fine and premium grades but our coffee is precision roasted daily in small batches so your order is guaranteed always fresh.

Look for these symbols or ask one of our team to help you find your favourite taste:

  • Coffee Blend.
  • Single Origin.
  • Organic.
  • Swiss Water Decaf.

We’re not the biggest but we are among the best – send us an email or contact us to arrange a taste test, we look forward to meeting you.

Auckland coffee roaster