Our latest espresso single origin - medium and smooth!  

The Papa New Guinea (PNG) from the Simbu region is our latest single origin.  We're proud of this coffee for its smooth and lower acid characteristics and it's going extremely well in our espresso bar.  It's a versatile coffee meaning its a crowd favourite in all types of beverages and one that's easy to drink.  A good option for espresso or a rich filter option. 

A classic washed PNG with a 36-40 hour fermentation and sun-dried on raised beds.  Kongo Coffee Works deal directly with the farmers in PNG to produce high-quality Premium Smallholder Coffee (PSC) graded cofee. 
Their dedication has helped local farmers promotingn good quality coffee and driven prosperity in the region.   

😋 Flavour Notes: 

A medium coffee with low acidity and smooth sweet characteristics.  It exhibits flavours of toffee, brown sugar, chocolate and cherry.

✍️ Recipe:

Espresso Brew Ratio: 1:1.9
Extraction Time: 29-34 seconds.
This means that for every gram of ground coffee dosed into the porta-filter there is 1.9 grams of coffee extracted.  If using and dosing with an 18g porta-filter you can extract approximately 34-grams of liquid (coffee).  Still stuck?  Check out this link to learn more about brew ratios click here.

🗺️ Where it’s from:

This coffee is from Papa New Guinea from the Highlands Region, Simbu. 

Variety: Typica and Bourbon


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