Ready to drink as it is or add filtered water or milk of your choice!  Pre-bottled cold brew concentrate.  Leave a few bottles in the fridge for a ready-to-drink coffee anytime.
We brew fresh cold brew on a weekly basis over summer.  

We specialise in cold brew coffee using the immersion method. This technique involves saturating the coffee grinds in cold filtered water for 12 – 48 hours.  We use a concentrated recipe to give you a rich, lustrous and flavoursome cold brew drink.

Flavour Notes: 

A dark rich bold drink with notes of dark chocolate, nuts, spice and cinnamon.  A heavy thick body with a low acidity and low bitterness.

Drinking Instructions

Shake, open and drink either as it is or dilute with cold filtered water or milk.  Add to drinks, cocktails or shakes.  Great for espresso martini's.


Our cold brew contains NZ filtered water and coffee.  No extra ingredients or additives are added.

: our coffee selection and cold brew technique depends on the concentration level and style of cold brew desired.  All our coffee is ethically sourced and premium graded. Our classic concentrate is from Brazil and our fruity, floral and sweet cold brew is from Ethiopia, Africa.


Once opened, consume within 4-weeks and keep in the fridge.

🗺️ Where it’s from:

This coffee is from Brazil in South America.  Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer.  This Brazil has been selected for its heavy body and its chocolate and sweet tones. 

The region in Mogiana is located on a plateau with an altitude of 800 – 1,200 metres being one of the highest cities or the region and the state.  This coffee is Rainforest Alliance (RFA) certified and it comes from a farm that seeks a commitment to the socio-cultural development of the community in the form of numerous projects that benefit many people and organisations in the community. 

For more info on this farm check out our blog post here.

Cold Brew RTD 200ml - Brazil Single Origin

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