We specialise in cold brew coffee using the immersion method. This technique involves saturating the coffee grinds in cold filtered water for 12 – 48 hours.

Cold Brew Coffee


Our wholesale cold brew range covers many purposes including:

• Cold brew concentrate.
• Used in pre-made coffee-based drinks, cocktails or smoothies.
• Used in baking and food products.
• Bottled cold brew for retail sale.
• Contract cold brew supply – we make the cold brew, you brand, label and sell it!

Our commercial cold brew equipment gives us the capacity to produce 100’s of litres of cold brew per batch.

Cold Brew Ingredients

Our cold brew contains NZ filtered water and coffee.  No extra ingredients or additives are added.

: our coffee selection and cold brew technique depends on the concentration level and style of cold brew desired.  All our coffee is ethically sourced and premium graded. Our classic concentrate is from Brazil and our fruity, floral and sweet cold brew is from Ethiopia, Africa.

Cold Brew Storage

Once opened, consume within 4-weeks and keep in the fridge.


Check our our cold brew RTD's here.