Swiss Water Decaf

Swiss Water Decaf

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What do these symbols mean? We are frequently asked what our four symbols represent displayed throughout our branding. We are going to cover a four part blog series to describe each symbol; its use and its purpose within our coffee offering.



The Swiss Water Process (SWP) Company specialises in removing caffeine from coffee without the direct or indirect use of chemicals.   To decaffeinate the coffee beans, they use an innovative method based on two concepts: solubility and osmosis. The water being used to extract the caffeine is a green coffee extract solution with water-soluble solids of green coffee used to extract the caffeine.


The Swiss Water Company dedicates itself to crafting amazing coffee without caffeine with constant innovation, learning and improvements to the decaffeination process. We agree and only stock SWP decaf that has been growing with popularity. The old associated stigma with bad-tasting decaf is starting to fade with new technology and innovation.



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