Coffee Container

The vacuum containers are an affordable option designed to preserve the life of your coffee beans (or ground coffee).  These vacuum containers push out air that gets trapped inside the dead space in the container.  

  • Holds up to 400g of whole bean coffee. 
  • Air-tight.
  • Deflects light.
  • Adjustable height depending on the volume of beans.

 The vacuum containers have a removeable mechanism on the underside of the lid.  This need to be turned clockwise to engage the vacuum mechanism.  The vacuum mechanism operates by extracting out the air from the inside of the container.  If the container is filled to less than 200g the excess air cannot be extracted.

Shipping note: these containers are boxed in a thin cardboard box.  When shipped, we plastic wrap the boxes and this can distort the packaging.

Buying beans?  Spend over $80 on beans and get this container for free by using 'CONTAINER80' at the checkout!

Coffee Bean Container - Vacuum Air-Tight

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