Our flagship blend of choice

The Meebz Blend is our staple choice and is by far our biggest seller with those that buy coffee online and in our retail store.  Enjoyed all across New Zealand, it’s popularity has risen from the blend’s bold creamy texture and chocolate flavours along with a punchy body.  In simple terms, it’s a great combination of flavour and strength without bitterness.  The Meebz Blend is commonly used in retail and commercial espresso machines.

As a coffee roaster, we’re constantly refining this blend for its consistency and quality, therefore the Meebz Blend is the main brew served in our espresso bar and through many of our café partners. 

😋 Flavour Notes: 

It is the perfect balance of strength and flavour. A sweet creamy texture with a rich and velvet body, balanced flavour and dark caramels.  It exhibits chocolate notes with a pleasant lingering finish.

✍️ Recipe (commercial espresso machine):

Espresso Brew Ratio: 1:1.9
Extraction Time: 29-34 seconds.
This means that for every gram of ground coffee dosed into the porta-filter there is 1.9 grams of coffee extracted.  If using and dosing with an 18g porta-filter you can extract approximately 34-grams of liquid (coffee).  Still stuck?  Check out this link to learn more about brew ratios click here.

🗺️ Where it’s from:

This blend is a four bean blend with a South American and Sumatran base to give the coffee its big bold body and chocolate notes.  Central American and Ethiopian beans are added that give this blend its distinctive character and bright flavours.  All origins are ethically sourced and picked based on their quality, consistency and flavour characteristics.  As this blend is predominantly used in espresso we have chosen a base with a heavy mouth feel and flavour characteristics that will minimise bitterness.

Meebz Blend

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