Delter - an improved coffee plunger

The Delter Press is a revolutionary designed coffee plunger giving you a simple, quick and easy way of brewing coffee without the sediment that you get in a traditional french press/plunger.  Similar design to the Aeropress.

Delter Coffee Press has been designed to solve one of the biggest problems in coffee brewing - agitation. To avoid a bitter and inconsistent extraction caused by uncontrolled agitation, the Delter Coffee Press uses a unique jet-seal. This seal keeps the brew water and the coffee grounds separated until the brew commences, preventing uncontrolled agitation. When pressure is applied to the plunger, water and coffee contact is activated, allowing agitation to occur for the first time. This design allows the user to have complete control over the water flow and agitation, resulting in a brew with less bitterness and more clarity.

Requires: circle filter papers (included).

Delter Coffee Press

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