Coffee filter paper's for cone shaped drippers such as Hario V60, Loveramics Dripper and other cone shaped pour-over devices.

Contents: 100x
Size: 01 (small 1-cup) APC-100W. 

High quality coffee filter paper

We're proud to introduce these NEW CAFEC Japanese paper filters as an improved alternative to the Hario with a cleaner final cup and less papery taste.  These are class leading filter papers and are also eco-friendly.  The new technology filter paper is named 'fine-grained' method to increase the paper surface area by narrowing the distance between each crepe.  This creates an even water flow by uniforming the texture of the paper resulting in a cleaner tasting coffee extracting more coffee and less paper.

The Abaca+ filters are biomass certified

This certifies the product as an environmentally friendly product using biological resources (biomass) and meets the required quality-standard and the related laws.

Made in Japan with no adhesives used.
Material: Virgin Pulp (not waste paper) containing Abaca non-wood manilla hemp.

Abaca V60 Filter Paper x100

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