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Our bean selection is divided into four categories that are distinguished each with their own geometric symbol.  Our four categories include blends, organic, single-origin and decaf.

Some of our bean options are available throughout the year and others are seasonal depending on harvest, season and availability.  We frequently rotate our single origin offering and work close with farmers to bring you exciting coffee’s that form a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and us, the coffee roaster.

 As coffee is an agricultural product, we are constantly developing and changing the way we roast and blend to achieve quality and consistency.  All our coffee is roasted in small batches and quality tested daily.  Quality testing often comes in the form of tasting but we also use tools that assist in QC that allow us to measure the moisture, density and colour grade of the coffee.

 Each coffee is precision roasted to bring out their desired flavor profile.  Some roasts are better suited for their floral aromatics and others are designed to display a big bold body and richness.  The large variety of roasts gives our customer’s many options that covers a wide variety of flavor profiles.  In each bean option, we discuss the recommended brew method and its associated brew ratio.  We have roasts that cover all brew methods but generally split them into an espresso of filter style category.

 We are an Auckland coffee roaster with a passion for the craft offering one of the widest selections for coffee bean suppliers in NZ.  Looking to try some of the best coffee beans in Auckland?  Get started in-store or online.