The Barista Checklist For New Cafes

The Barista Checklist For New Cafes

Mike Tan

What equipment and accessories do I require to setup my café for making espresso coffee?  A common question asked by many new café owners.

Here’s a quick run-down of the basic equipment and accessories required to get you started making espresso.



  • Espresso machine (of course!).
  • Water filter and associated lines for espresso machine.
  • Associated power supply for espresso machine *see tip below.
  • Grinder.
  • Refrigerator (for milk).



  • Tamper: to suit your espresso machine. Most commercial espresso machines use a 58mm tamper.
  • Tamp mat.
  • Milk thermometer.
  • 2x powder shakers for chocolate and cinnamon sprinkles.
  • Timer: for timing espresso shots when calibrating machine.
  • Measuring glass or small scales: for calibrating machine.
  • Milk jugs: we recommend the following.
    • 2x 350ml jugs.
    • 3x 600ml jugs.
    • 1x 1l jug.



  • Espresso machine cleaning powder.
  • Espresso machine cleaning brush and scour pad.
  • 2x small paint brushes (for cleaning coffee grinds).
  • Microfiber cloths.


*Standard household and commercial wall plugs are 10-amp. Due to the large current that an espresso machine draws this requires a 20-amp (most 2-group) or 32-amp (most 3-group) power plug. This requires the work of an electrician to re-wire the power supply and install a new plug socket. It is wise to install a 32-amp power plug as this will also accommodate a 20-amp power plug.

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