Our best selling seasonal filter roast!

The Hacienda Barbara Estate is well known for growing specialty coffee in the best regions of Panama for over 20-years.   The farms are located in Jaramillo and Piedra Candela regions.  Both farms have produced the 'Best of Panama' winning Catuais (type of coffee variety grown).

This coffee arrived on our Panama container where we landed coffee from the farm in Central America named Hacienda Barbara.  We previously purchased many of their high-end coffee's including their Geisha variety and were fortunate enough to be offered these farm lots.  This farm is an expert at growing and processingn the variety Catuai.  This coffee is a great all-rounder meaning it's delicate, smooth and has a good amount of sweetness and flavour.

As a coffee roaster, we’ve roasted this bean to bring out the most of its natural flavours.  This specialty coffee has been roasted light to suit mainly filter style brew methods.  

😋 Flavour Notes:

A delicate all-round roast with flavours of apricot, plum, brown grain biscuits and milk chocolate.

✍️ Recipe:

Filter Brew Ratio: 1:14
Brew Time: Less than 2-minutes (depending on brew method).
This means that for every gram of ground coffee added into the filter there is 15 grams of hot water.  Still stuck?  Check out this video to learn about applying brew ratios here.

Our recipes are designed as templates for starting points and do vary depending on many other variables including personal preferences in particular.

Where it’s from: 

Central America, Panama, Jaramillo and Piedra Candela.  

Farmer: Rogers Family from Hacienda Barbara Estate.

Variety: Catuai.

Altitude: 1,450 - 1,700 MASL

Process: Washed.

Panama Catuai, Hacienda Barbara - Washed

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Very nice coffee.flavours consistent from start to finish.highly recommended it.will differently be ordering this coffee again.

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