How to pour two or more coffee's with even foam distribution

Mike Tan

This video runs through a very basic yet important barista technique of how to pour two (or more) milk-based beverages while retaining even foam distribution throughout. This video will be of help whether you are pouring for a flat-white, latte, cappuccino or any other milk beverage.




Start with two milk jugs ready, one with enough steamed milk for the two coffee's you will be pouring. Before you start, pre-heat the secondary milk jug with a few mls of hot water.


STEP1: Pour 1/4 of the steamed milk into your secondary milk jug.
STEP2: Pour your first milk beverage/flat white.
STEP3: Pour the remainder of your milk into the secondary jug (this jug already contains 1/4 of the steamed milk).
STEP4: Swirl the milk jug and pour the second milk beverage/flat white.



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