Our latest single origin filter offering from Rwanda, East Africa.

This coffee is from a region in Rwanda (Africa) named Kilimbi.  A natural processed coffee typically exhibits fermented flavours with high levels of sweetness and flavour.  It is from a washing station well known in Rwanda for producing clean and homogeneous coffee.  It is a Bourbon variety and this farm is well know for its harvest of specialty coffee.  All cherry's are hand sorted before a pre-pulp float and under-ripe or damaged cherry's are removed. 

As a coffee roaster, we’ve roasted this single origin to bring out the most of its natural flavours for a filter style of brewing method.  This specialty coffee has been roasted light to bring it outs delicate texture and its natural sweetness.  

😋 Flavour Notes:

Creamy vanilla, caramel and dried plum.  Delicate creamy texture with a pleasant sweetness.

✍️ Recipe:

Filter Brew Ratio: 1:15
Brew Time: Less than 2-minutes (depending on brew method).
This means that for every gram of ground coffee added into the filter there is 18 grams of hot water.  Still stuck?  Check out this link to learn more about brew ratios: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipB6P1uzNYM

Our recipes are designed as templates for starting points and do vary depending on many other variables including personal preferences in particular.

🌏 Where it’s from: 

Africa - Rwanda.
Variety: Bourbon.

*Photos are taken from the actual farm in Rwanda by the coffee distributor Raw Material Coffee.

Rwanda Kilimbi Natural

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