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Panama Boquete - Washed

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Our latest single origin is from a high valley in Panama!

This coffee is from a region in Panama named Boquete.  It is the highest valley in Panama on the eastern side of Volcan Baru.  It is a Catuay variety and this farm is well know for its harvest of specialty coffee..  The coffee was harvested with a strict ripeness criteria by being exposed to extended fermentation methods. 

As a coffee roaster, we’ve roasted this single origin to bring out the most of its natural flavours for filter or a light espresso.  This specialty coffee has been roasted medium to bring it outs smooth pleasant body and showcase its natural sweetness. 


😋 Flavour Notes:

Sweet sugar cane, molasses cinnamon.  Floral fragrance with a medium acidity and a clean cup.

✍️ Recipe:

Filter Brew Ratio: 1:18
Brew Time: Less than 2-minutes (depending on brew method).
This means that for every gram of ground coffee added into the filter there is 18 grams of hot water.  If using a plunger/French press you can add two tablespoon’s of ground coffee (approximately 14-grams), mixed with 250ml of hot water.  Still stuck?  Check out this link to learn more about brew ratios:

Our recipes are designed as templates for starting points and do vary depending on many other variables including personal preferences in particular.

Where it’s from:


Central America - Panama.
Variety: Catuay.

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