Cup of Excellence Rank 4 Winner 2021!

**This coffee is from our superlative menu and is roasted to order. It will take longer to prepare and this coffee may not be in stock at our shops.  The best way to order is to place the order online with the option to pickup or be sent via courier.

This coffee is a Cup Of Excellence 2021 National Winner in Rank 4.  It is a Heirloom Typica variety.  The Ethiopian Heirloom name is used to describe the indigenous heirloom varieties that are cross-bred between species and varietals rather than being stemmed from one particular variety.   

As a coffee roaster, we’ve roasted this bean to bring out the most of its natural flavours.  This specialty coffee has been roasted light to suit mainly filter style brew methods.  

We have sourced a large range of coffees from Ethiopia for 2022 having just landed our shared container of a fresh new harvest.  Ethiopian coffee is renowned for its sweet fruit flavours, crisp acidity, floral tones and delicate texture.  The harvest was a real struggle and we are extremely fortunate to get our hands on these coffee's.  Some of the farms difficulties included the epidemic, various shipping tension and the current war in this country.


😋 Flavour Notes:

Pineapple, Lemonade, Orange, Vanilla and Macadamia.  Vivid citrus-like acidity.

✍️ Recipe:

Filter Brew Ratio: 1:14
Brew Time: Less than 2-minutes (depending on brew method).
This means that for every gram of ground coffee added into the filter there is 15 grams of hot water.  Still stuck?  Check out this video to learn about applying brew ratios here.

Our recipes are designed as templates for starting points and do vary depending on many other variables including personal preferences in particular.

Where it’s from: 

Africa, Ethiopia, Shakiso, Oromiya (Guji Zone).  

Farmer: Guji Highland Coffee Plantation.

Variety: Heirloom Typica.

Altitude: 2,000 - 2,300 MASL

Process: Natural.

Ethiopia Typica Heirloom - Natural

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