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Seasonal Specialty Blend

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Our seasonal blend is a continuously changing blend of our favourite beans from the latest harvests.  It predominantly contains specialty organic coffee from farmers that go the extra mile to achieve quality.

Starting this year 2019 we've established close partnerships with some farms in Colombia and Ethiopia to give you this sweet and full flavoured blend roasted to display strong and sweet fruity notes.  This blend has flavours of sweet dried apricot with a pleasant crisp acidity and a medium body.

We will often serve this blend as a secondary option through our espresso machine at our Milford shop.

Roasted Medium to display a good level of sweetness and body - Perfect for espresso or equally tasty for a rich filter, plunger or pour-over.


✍️ Espresso Recipe (commercial 9-bar machines):
18.5g in
38.0g out
Extraction Time: 30-32 seconds

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