A blend just for MOVEMBER...   

....supporting Men's Mental Health.

For this purchase Meebz will send you 250g of coffee for your donation.

NOTE: all purchases through the website will be transferred onto Mike's Movember page with your name.  Instead you are also welcome to donate directly onto the page here.
If donating directly onto the page please leave your address and number.


I’m Mike and I’m growing a mo to help the bro’s! Movember is all about men’s health. We’re raising funds and awareness by focusing on the issue of suicide prevention and depression. I’ve chosen this topic because it is an issue with horribly disgusting statistics in New Zealand that is rarely talked about and a topic that many men can relate to. By choosing the issue of men’s mental health my goal is to chat to everyone that donates. This helps us bring the topic to light and if we are able to positively impact anyone along the way of doing so we have achieved our goal.

You can help by:
-Making a small donation on the page, link here.
-Speak up! Talk about mental health.
-Purchase this bag of coffee where Meebz subsidises the full cost of the coffee and transfers the money into Mike's Movember account traceable with your name.

For ALL donation’s I will call you to thank you and have a short 5-10m chat. When you donate please leave your e-mail and I’ll contact you to set a time.
During our call I’ll also touch on some of the topics I am raising awareness for with an attempt to make a positive change moving forward.

$50 or more: Meebz Coffee Roasters will send you a bag of coffee (our Movember blend) to thank you for your donation. You’ll also receive a phone call chat as above and I also invite you to use this time to ask me any questions that will help you level up your coffee game at home (or work if you are a barista).

Like last time, my aim isn’t to purely raise a large amount of money although this does help the Movember charity. The act of raising money also raises awareness for the issues men are facing with mental health, depression and suicide awareness. If you can’t help financially that’s ok.


😋 Flavour Notes:

A dark rich blend with chocolate and malt notes with a rich body. 

️ Recipe (commercial espresso machine):

Espresso Brew Ratio: 1:2
Extraction Time: 29-34 seconds.
This means that for every gram of ground coffee dosed into the porta-filter there is 2 grams of coffee extracted.  If using and dosing with an 18g porta-filter you can extract approximately 36-grams of liquid (coffee).  Still stuck?  Check out this link to learn more about brew ratios click here.

🗺️ Where it’s from:

This coffee blend is heavily Brazil based with added origins from Colombia, Sumatra and Ethiopia.

MOVEMBER - Fundraising For Men's Mental Health

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