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It's American Press

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Meet the American Press.

It's not French press, It's American press!

A combination of the best of the french press with espresso-inspired technology to create a genuine new way to brew.  The American Press utilises pressurised extraction and a unique reusable pod to rapidly brew as you press while keeping grounds contained, so it's easy and eco-friendly too!

We are proud to be NZ stockists of the American Press as a coffee device that is simple to use, consistent and most important of all; offers an exceptional cup of coffee.

After experimenting with a large range of plungers and soft brew gear in our retail store we discovered that most customers wanted a simple, no mess and fast way to brew a good coffee.  This is the end result of our chosen product and we are proud to present this to the New Zealand market.

Included is everything your require to make a good cup of coffee (minus ground coffee + hot water).  No additional filter papers necessary.  Brews up to 14oz for two medium sized cups.

If you require us to grind the coffee please select drip/paper filter.

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