Coffee Blend

Coffee Blend

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What do these symbols mean? We are frequently asked what our four symbols represent displayed throughout our branding. We are going to cover a four part blog series to describe each symbol; its use and its purpose within our coffee offering.



The geometrical, multi faceted shape depicts the mixture and merge of different ingredients to form one final product. Coffee is blended (and also not blended; see single origin) for a variety of reasons including:

  • Flavour.
  • Consistency.
  • Control. 

Flavour: each origins bean has it’s own unique flavour profile. This flavour profile generally attributes characteristics such as sweetness, acidity and body. It is common to find high quality coffee that is great in flavour but low in acidity or a coffee with a great body and texture but low in flavour. Blending coffee allows coffee roasters to make the most of the positive characteristics of each coffee without sacrificing other sensory components. Generally, the end goal is to create a blend that is evenly balanced.


Consistency: As coffee is an agriculture product it differs from harvest to harvest and then again from season to season. External factors such as weather and diseases also place a large impact on the quality and consistency of coffee. These factors result in no guarantee of securing the most important ingredient to your signature blend. Luckily, blending allows a coffee roaster to replicate a coffee that is no longer available. This gives the roaster an increased degree of control to maintain a consistent blend of coffee rather than using one coffee from a single geographic region.


Control: A coffee roaster has many tools to manipulate the way a coffee tastes and blending coffee allows the roaster to have more control over the end result in your cup of coffee. If a roaster wishes to make a minor adjustment to the flavour profile of the cup of coffee, this can be achieved by making the adjustments to the ratio of the blend.


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