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Mike Tan cafe coffee

Need help choosing coffee?

 Our coffee selection can be a little overwhelming so we’re here to help. Our video below runs through our selection that we have available but some of our coffee is only available as per time of the season or harvest.

Don’t forget we’re available via our online chat below, phone or e-mail.


 The degree of roast are split into the categories below:

If it’s roasted light, it will be a specialty coffee roasted for full flavour usually pushing sweet and sometimes fruity flavours with a lighter body. Our light roasts are better suited for plunger, filter, drip, pour-over etc.

Our Light to Medium roasts are also selected to maximise the coffee’s sweetness and flavour. Typically suited for plunger, filter, drip, pour-over etc.

A medium roast is gently roasted aiming for a harmonious balance with low bitterness. These are a great all-rounder particularly roasted for plunger and filter. Some medium roasts can be used for espresso extracting a lighter taste.

The majority of our blends are Medium to Dark roasted for espresso. These roasts are a good combination of flavour and strength with good body. If you prefer plunger/filter with a richer taste then these roasts are also a good option.

Our dark roasts have a rich mouth-feel with a heavy body and perceived strength. A darker roast can contain more bitterness.

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