How do I fix a bad extraction from my espresso machine?!

How do I fix a bad extraction from my espresso machine?!

Mike Tan

Is your coffee coming out way to slow that you are waiting for 30 seconds, just for a little trickle of coffee to come out of the spouts? Or is it coming out so fast that your coffee is done within 10 seconds? Well we have the answer to your morning coffee routine. This post is going to be all about how you can fix this exact problem and get the best coffee out of your machine without having to run to the nearest coffee shop for a decent coffee.

If you have tried to fix this problem before, you might have heard the following statements “just tamp a little bit lighter” or “ dose less from your grinder” to fix your extraction. Well these people are wrong! Well not completely… just partly. Tamping and dosing of the coffee are important but these are not the only reasons why your extraction is coming out so bad. Your tamping and dosing should be consistent but the grind size is just as important when you want to get the best extraction out of your coffee.

So you’ve mastered your tamping and your dose is just right. What’s next? Tweaking your grind size on your grinder. How do you do this? What even is a grind size? Well keep reading for the answers.


So your grinder should have something that looks like this:

 It’s located just under your grinders hopper. If you have never seen this before or even bothered to touch it, well now is the time.


Look at the numbers; if you turn your grind adjuster clockwise does it turn to 10 or 1? 10 being that you are making the grind courser, 1 meaning finer. Between each number there should be little indent’s or mark’s these are important to notice because these little marks can make a huge difference to your grind size. We call these notches in this article.

 Once you’ve figured that out you want to start dosing out your shots. A good place to start is on a finer grind for espresso machine’s this is usually around a 1-3 grind size. You’ll have to dose about 2 times to get rid of the older grinds inside your grinder after changing the grind size. The 3rd dose you can chuck in your machine. If your coffee is coming out way to slow you want to increase the grind size and if it is coming out to fast you want to decrease and make the grind finer. So for example your coffee is to fast. You want to make your grind finer and your grind is currently on 3. Ideally you’d want you move your grind adjustment by only half a notch so that it is about 2.95 to make the grind finer. And I’m not over exaggerating; this will make a world of a difference. I know you’re tempted to just move it all the way to number 2 but that would be the wrong move. If you do that you’ll be back to square one again. So you’ve moved it to 2.95, dose 2 times and chuck the 3rd one in again. This is still to fast move again only half a notch finer. Do this over and over again until you have the right extraction coming through. This may take while, but it’s worth it. Trust me.

Hopefully now you have mastered your machines grind for your coffee. Every day your coffee might change, it might come out fast or slow again. So during the week you might need to change your grind size again so here’s some quick tips to remember:


  • If your extraction is too fast = make the grind finer
  • If your slow extraction is too slow = make the grind courser
  • Move your grind adjustment only by a half notch at a time
  • Tamping and dosing are also important, so keep it them consistent


If you want to learn more about extractions you can check out our video ( it shows what the perfect extraction looks like. Follow us on Facebook @MeebzCoffee for more updates on creating the perfect coffee at home.

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