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An Example of a Good Espresso Extraction

Mike Tan

Looking on information on how to pull the perfect shot? This basic video demonstrates what a good coffee extractions looks like out of your espresso machine. ⠀


✔️ Perfect extraction: The perfect espresso extraction may take 4-6 seconds to come out of the spouts after starting the extraction. The extraction should start with small drops followed by a fine stream of liquid that then turns into a heavier flow.⠀
✖️ Under extracted coffee (too fast): An under extracted shot will ‘gush’ out of the espresso machine at a fast and uncontrollable rate. The coffee will typically taste sour and weak. ⠀
✖️ Over extracted coffee (too slow): An over extracted shot will flow very slow and usually drip taking a long time to extract (usually over 30-seconds). ⠀
This video and suggested parameters are just a basic guide designed for those at home or new baristas learning to make coffee. They are a guide only and the information may not apply to all types of styles of coffee.

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